Holcim completes the integration of Jira and ServiceNow

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Aligning Demand Management processes to the Development and Support teams is a vital and complex exercise for companies like Holcim. Even more when we add the complexity of running these processes in both Jira and ServiceNow platforms under a challenging Agile framework. But these difficulties can not be an excuse to keep unsynchronized both platforms creating an unnecessary extra manual work to keep them aligned whenever we are dealing with the same tickets in both scenarios.

That’s the reason why we set up an ambitious program to, together with the TecnoFor team, automatically synchronize both platforms by means of implementing a complex integration model supported by the Exalate tool, completing a task that could be considered unique in the industry due to its level of complexity, functionalities and technical features.

Holcim has just recently went live with this solution, supported by TecnoFor, that is smoothly running and providing an excellent technician experience thanks to this bi-directional interface, reducing dramatically time and manual synchronization down to zero.

Victor Mena Plá, Head of EMEA IT Service Management


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