Jira Cloud, a key platform in the process of team integration at IMAWEB

IMAWEB is a major European software editor in the field of automotive distribution, with presence in 22 countries.

IMAWEB recently experienced a rapid growth and had to integrate numerous Development teams from different companies, working with different methods on many products, in several countries and languages. This was a very complex challenge from a technical, but also a human perspective.

We needed a platform that would allow all our teams to manage their development projects from pre-sales to full completion, while collecting data in a form that the Management could use. Ultimately, KPIs needed to be unified across the different business units. We got just 6 months to go live, we couldn’t fail!

One of the IMAWEB business units was already using Atlassian Jira with the help of TecnoFor, in a highly customized Jira Server instance with workflows and calculated fields, to help the team to follow the current process. This first satisfactory experience in Jira eased our choice of a platform and an integrator. TecnoFor created with us a roadmap with iterations and clear milestones that would allow us to choose alternative paths if something was wrong. As we mentioned, we couldn’t fail the deadline. And we didn’t.

The migration to Jira Cloud took place without any interruption. Everything was redesigned for Jira Cloud and historic data was migrated to the new Jira Cloud in backend. So, when the migration day came, it was so easy: Developers left their old tools on Friday, and everyone continued their work in the new Jira Cloud on Monday morning.


As you can imagine this is not just an engineering project, but a very complex management change project. Our Key user team was essential throughout this process: guiding the teams, participating in training, giving continuous feedback that served to improve the implementation and being the first users to adapt to this new reality. From this moment on, the second phase of incorporating the rest of the teams to Jira and standardizing the processes began.

“The review work started in mid-2021 and the first implementations took place on January 3, 2022. We based the new instance on the previous one. To do this, we performed a gap analysis to define the relevant specifications. The constant support of TecnoFor team was essential in this process to refine our specifications, and particularly to select the appropriate ways of using the tool according to our real needs, whether at operational or strategic level” – Jean-Baptiste Logie, CIO at IMAWEB

Today, we are in the process of continuously improving our use and integrating our external growth into the platform. We are also constantly adapting the instance by merging processes, customizing fields, automating actions. On these occasions, we challenged the TecnoFor team with unexpected major requirements and short deadlines, which gave us the opportunity to appreciate once again their professional skills, responsiveness, and human qualities.

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