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What we are

Let us start with the basics: we advise and accompany our clients in the journey of solving their planning and workflow efficiency problems.


A consulting company with technology as our axis, our reason for doing. Technology for the present, rather than the future. TecnoFor stands for Technology For: Technology, FOR a purpose. That purpose—your purpose—is what moves us to model the technology to support it.

 We are a consulting company with a TECHNOLOGICAL BASE

Every business, including yours, works via its processes. Managing those processes means managing your business. Understanding what they are, modelling them, simplifying them, redesigning them, analysing their performance, reducing their variability until they can be automated… There lies the difference between managing chaos and merely surviving it. In TecnoFor, we experience your processes.

We are a consulting company with a technological base focusing on

This is what we are. But what do we do?

Technology For

Process Intelligence

What is
Process Intelligence?

Process Intelligence
is a new discipline

Process Intelligence
is identifying your company’s Value Streams

Process Intelligence
is deploying your workflows in a tool

Process Intelligence
is analysing your organisation’s real behaviour through data

Process Intelligence
​is maturing, optimising and reinventing how your processes interconnect

Process Intelligence
is deciding where and how to apply robotisation to achieve hyperautomation

Process Intelligence
is building without ever losing sight of ergonomics: respecting people, their physical form and their nature

How we do it?

From our
Excellence Centres


We want you to be the protagonist, to pilot the plane yourself. Over 2,000 students every year learn to do what we do.

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We have over 30 consultants specialising in the Atlassian ecosystem and UiPath, as well as these tools’ integration in your app map.

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Our Agile Coaches team is a global trendsetter in SAFe, a leader in business transformation towards Business Agility.

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What is said about us?

For our

For our

The MASMOVIL group redesigns its client support processes in Jira Data Center.

“We started the Jira redesign project with a technical perspective but found that this is a process project. That is where the TecnoFor team gave us the most value”

Ravin Dhalani


For our

“Last year, we had the opportunity to start working with TecnoFor (for the first time, in my case) on a key project for our organisation where we adopted Jira as an Agile tool. Not only did we have to learn how to work with it, but we also had to configure our Agile model, adapt it to the SAFe methodology, and synchronise with our ITSM tool, ServiceNow. TecnoFor not only gave us confidence and a team with an enviable background but also, and this is the most important part, a level of flexibility and customer orientation that I have rarely seen. Every single one of the professionals working on this project deserves five stars for their technical quality. But, more importantly, for their keenness and willingness to help whenever it was necessary”

Victor Mena Plá

Head of EMEA IT Service Management

For our

“Rather than a partner, TecnoFor has been our strategic ally in the projects we have developed together. The team is highly proactive and very efficient in managing tickets. Skilful professionals with great humanity”

Laura Marcela Parra C.

Senior Project Manager Marketplace
Insights Division – Kantar

For our

“When you work with a partner that understands your needs perfectly and suggests fast concrete solutions, everything is way simpler. Implementation of process KPIs, current status and Cloud migration risk assessment, individualised and collective training in ITIL best practices… each interaction with TecnoFor exemplifies its professionalism and humanity. I would not hesitate to recommend TecnoFor as a partner in transformation, whether for IT or business processes”

Francisco José Navas Godoy

IT Manager
Sector Alarm

For our

“Mi experiencia ha sido genial. He trabajado con gran parte del equipo para implementar soluciones de Atlassian en nuestra compañía. Excelentes profesionales y mejores personas, gran capacidad de análisis, mejora, y trabajo conjunto.”

¡Muchas gracias a todo el equipo de TecnoFor!

Daniel Ruggiero Pérez

Systems Operations

For our

“Una migración rápida y sencilla, sin afectar a los equipos en su día y a día, y con una comunicación transparente y continua por parte del equipo de proyecto de TecnoFor.”

Jorge Mallo

Head of Product & Data
CAF Digital Services

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