'Description & Comment Templates for Jira Datacenter' has a new functionality

Where are the Jira description templates? Many clients asked us where they could locate the description templates they created in projects.

For them we have developed this new functionality. If your Jira Administrator updates the ‘Description & Comment Templates for Jira Datacenter’ plugin, they will see new configuration options.

Among these new configuration features is the ability to:

  • Disable the custom user template toolbar for the Description and Comments fields of the Issues.
  • Disable the functionality of automatically applying description templates according to project and Issue type.

Jira Datacenter users will benefit from the functionality to list Project and Issue type templates. That way it is easier to access them and update their content with just one click.

Soon we will also apply the list of templates to the Jira Cloud version of  ‘Description & Comment Templates’.

Raúl Peláez February 9th 2023