IBM Process Mining:
optimize your processes with real data

We join forces with IBM at TecnoFor

IBM Process Mining can build an extremely accurate model of your IT processes and enable you to build an objective optimization strategy through continuous improvement initiatives with a low-cost, fail-safe approach.

What does it offer you?

Thanks to its features, perform a deep analysis of your processes

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The optimization path

Process Mining Webinar: optimize your processes with data (powered by IBM)

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How we work?

We make the most of the opportunities of Process Mining

At TecnoFor, we work in a personalized way for the customer, adapting to the specific challenges of each industry and extracting different perspectives from Process Mining.

The most common service models are:


We conduct a specific project to validate the technology and its impact on the business. For example, performing a variant analysis of a specific process or part of a larger process.

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Iterative service

We work in iterations, typically quarterly, where we define improvement and efficiency goals with the client and explore the insights we find by crossing data between processes.

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VMO or Value Management Office where we establish a permanent office for the identification, management and evolution of the client’s Value Streams, following up on the implementation of improvement and transformation initiatives.

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