Mediaset Spain unifies its processes and creates a Service Portal for its users on Jira Service Management

Mediaset Spain is a Spanish communication group whose activity focuses essentially on the acquisition, production, distribution, sale, and exhibition of television content. It currently operates on the television channels Telecinco, Cuatro, Factoría de Ficción, Boing, Divinity, Energy and Be Mad, in addition to Telecinco HD and Cuatro HD, which are the high-definition signals of the group’s main networks.

The Mediaset group also owns the news agency Atlas, the advertising manager Publiespaña and the audiovisual film and television production company Telecinco Cinema.

In October 2020, Mediaset asked TecnoFor for advice on the functional and technical situation of its Jira/Confluence binomial, as well as an evaluation and optimization plan. The result of this work verified the need for a standardization process in processes, data and work tasks of the technical teams, as well as the evolution to a highly available Jira Data Center model. The challenge: to do it in real time and without service interruptions.

The joint work for months between TecnoFor and Mediaset allowed, in September 2022, not only the activation of a single work model, but the creation of a Service Portal aimed at registering needs by the end business user and greater ease in reporting processes and monitoring of all related information.

“Not only was their Jira/Confluence binomial optimized, but a Service portal was created for their end user ”.

What stands out in this new work model is the introduction into the different automated workflows of the concept of Computer Security, so important today and a priority at Mediaset España. The new model ensures and facilitates the registration and monitoring of all activities related to the security of both the data and the process, in an intuitive way in its registration, as well as easy resolution by all those technical teams involved.

“There is still a way to go and evolve, but we are already starting from a solid, shared model and a relationship of trust with TecnoFor, sure variables to achieve success!” – Nuria Pérez Sánchez.

After the implementation of the new portal, the most immediate achievements that can already be perceived are:

  • Single point of entry for incidents, requests and queries.
  • Redesign of the workflow according to the incident and request management procedure.
  • Integration of SOL for the management of requests within the portal.
  • Collaboration of several teams in resolving work tickets.
  • Automatic creation of corrective and evolutionary development requests.
  • Category simplification.
  • Scaling to computers without loss of information.
  • Automatic assignment to the support group responsible for the resolution.
  • Integration of security incidents and procedures for their management in the portal.
  • Automatic processes for tracking requests.
  • Communication between user and agent, between different support groups.