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Lean Training Management (LTM) is a framework developed by TecnoFor in collaboration with independent professionals as well as HR professionals from large companies.

LTM streamlines the identification and management of all your company’s training needs, not only to meet individuals’ growth goals or company strategies, but to balance the knowledge map, to improve the outcome of certain projects or to ease the transformation process.

LTM includes a quarterly training plan, along with other ways to gain knowledge, to overcome the detected skill deficiencies by integrating them in the teams’ backlogs and their load and capacity management processes.

LTM helps quantifying return on investment of knowledge management, performing several iterations and improvements.

LTM assures all training plans are in tune with a transparent, measurable and renovated motivation, providing a new success on training initiatives in contrast with outdated executed-versus-planned-courses ratio.

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With the Fundamentals LTM

The Fundamentals Lean Training Management course is designed to provide you with the essential methods and tools to engage your company’s HR department on the transformation process.

Your organisation will offer the staff the exact preparation at the right time, with an agile management and training content aligned with the corporate strategy to optimise the outcome.

With the Fundamentals Lean Training Management course, you will learn the mechanisms to identify training needs, transform them in goals and integrate them into your portfolio and transformation roadmaps, reconciled with the corporate strategy.

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At TecnoFor we implement and teach LTM to any company that wishes to step forward and adopt agile practices to their HR department, taking great advantage over their competitors.

We are expert consultants in Agile transformations, particularly in the HR cultural and processes change.

We have concrete experience and have worked hand in hand with Talent, Cultural and HR departments, achieving cross-sectional processes within their companies -involved in staff management- to be lined up with the Lean and Agile working philosophies.

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