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With everything you need
for an operational Kanban team
from the first minute.

Kanban in Jira? Of course.

The solution that will revolutionise the way companies deploy Kanban

A solution developed in close collaboration between TKP and Atlassian experts

All the reports and metrics you need in Kanban, accessible in Jira.

Explicit policies agreed upon by the team and applied automatically throughout the process.

Much more than just boards

Manage your WIP, receive alerts, and prevent anything from slipping your mind

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Kanban remotely as well


01 Updated in real-time for the whole team

02 Templates adapted to Kanban dynamics

03 A space for your team to collaborate

Confluence templates for everything you need

Use templates to document Replenishment Meetings or Team Retrospectives. They include all the necessary elements so that you don’t waste any time creating new documentation pages.

A single board for team tracking

Direct access from the board to a single monitoring panel with all the necessary metrics and reports to assess the service progress.

Cards preconfigured with everything you need

Possibility of reporting the classes of service on each card and viewing the established SLAs. It allows the team to access all the necessary information on the task they are carrying out.

Explicit policies, more explicit than ever

Once defined, they are automatically reported on each card, throughout the process. You will only be able to continue with the workflow when they are validated.

A simple board, easy to use and full of functionalities

Possibility of creating columns and sub-columns. It establishes the WIP and the limits of columns and lanes configured based on the classes of service. Direct access from the board to team metrics and documentation.

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