Visual Management

Your Jira under control

An effective way of managing your Jira

Empowering users, admins, and managers with the best Visual Management plugins

Gain a comprehensive big picture of your processes.

Facilitate process improvement by identifying bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

Promote transparency and shared understanding within collaborative environments

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Benefits of
Visual Management

Improved collaboration and efficiency

Enhanced process transparency and comprehension

Faster error identification and resolution

Streamlined reporting and decision-making

Empowered users, admins, and managers

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Logo New Status Colors PRO For Jira

New status colors PRO for Jira

Unleash the power of color codes for improved understanding.

Audit ticket transitions easily within the panel.

Quick overview of the time spent in each status.

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Logo Kanban Combined WIP For Jira

Kanban Combined WIP for Jira Cloud

Locate work in progress at a glance.

Leverage color codes for quick information retrieval, reducing errors, and improving the comprehension of task statuses.

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