Value Stream Mining: the next step in process mining

TecnoFor is a partner of  Inverbis, The value stream mining company.

This Spanish technology company, with its roots tracing back to the University of Santiago de Compostela, has developed a solution capable of executing Process Mining quickly, easily and visually.

What is Process Mining?

Transform your company’s “digital footprint” into a map which shows the actual activity of the organization.

It is a practice which uses the logs that your company’s tools automatically generate to create a map of your organization’s activities.

You will no longer have to just assume that your organization follows the designed processes. Process minings allows you to check with real data how your processes behave and can detect variations, bottlenecks, loops, reopenings…

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Gain back control based on data

Increase efficiency

Improve customer experience

Avoid compliance failures

Connect it to Jira

Instantly connect to Inverbis’s Process Mining solution

Together with Inverbis, we have developed a plug-in which instantly connects your Jira, be it Cloud or On Premise, with Inverbis’s Process Mining solution.

That way, you can start analyzing the your processes’ real data in just minutes and paying only per use.

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How can we help you?

We use Process Mining to its full potential

At TecnoFor our work is tailored to each client, adapted to the particular challenges faced by each industry and extracting different perspectives from Process Mining.

Our most common servicing models are:


We carry out a specific project to validate how this technology will impact the business. For example, performing an analysis of the different variants of a certain process or analyzing part of a larger process.

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Iterative Service

We work in iterations, usually quarterly ones, in which we define improvement and efficiency objectives with the client. We then explore our findings by crossing data between processes.

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VMO or Value Management Office is a permanent office we establish for the identification, management, and evolution of the client’s Value Streams by monitoring the implementation of improvement and transformation initiatives.

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