Our approach to work and understanding processes

What is Process Intelligence?

Process Intelligence is a discipline; it is our guiding principle. It defines the daily life at TecnoFor.

We focus on understanding, analyzing, and optimizing business processes by combining process mining, task mining, and business intelligence.

It is essential to understand how the defined processes in the companies are actually executed, in this way we can identify potential deviations that lead us to what we defined for the operation of the company and thus detect opportunities for optimization.

How do we execute it?

Phase I:

We decide how the company will operate: defining processes, their steps, and interactions with other processes (BPM).

Identify processes

(Value Stream Mapping)

Design processes


Visualize processes


Phase II:

We deploy the processes in Jira as we have described them. We take the opportunity to define success indicators that allow us to determine the performance of the processes. We can also define alerts to warn us if there are deviations from the expected results.

Run processes

(Deploy on Jira)

Incorporate metrics


Analyze processes

(Process mining)

Phase III:

We analyze the actual and objective execution of the processes using the available evidence, and from here we highlight inefficiencies to activate automation or redesign options (BPM).

Monitoring processes


Process automation


Scale processes

(Business Model redefinition)

Advantages of
Process Intelligence

Not sure if Process Intelligence is right for you?

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