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In-personRemoteDateTime (CET)CourseExamLibro Oficial
ITIL4® Foundation si si Jun 17/Jun 209:30-13:30h475€275€120€Contact us
ITIL4® Strategist: Direct, Plan and Improve si si Jun 10/Jun 139-14h1100€350€150€Contact us
ITIL4® Specialist: Create, Deliver and Support si si Apr 22/Apr 259-14h1100€350€150€Contact us
ITIL4® Specialist: Drive Stakeholder Value si si Jul 1/Jul 415-20h1100€350€150€Contact us
ITIL4® Specialist: High Velocity IT si si Jun 3/Jun 69-14h1100€350€150€Contact us
ITIL® 4 Specialist: Monitor, Support and Fulfil si si Apr 22/Apr 259-14h1100€350€150€Contact us
ITIL4® Leader: Digital and IT Strategy si si May 27/May 319-14h1200€350€150€Contact us

Process Mining

In-personRemoteDateTime (CET)Course
Process Mining Professional no si May 6/May 915-19h1250€Contact us

SAFe® 6

In-personRemoteDateTime (CET)CourseExam
Leading SAFe® 6 – Spanish no si May 20/May 2315-19h725€IncluídoContact us
SAFe® Lean Portfolio Management no si Jun 4/Jun 69-18h1200€IncluídoContact us
Implementing SAFe® 6 no si Jun 17/Jun 2012:30-20:30h2995€IncluídoContact us
SAFe® Agile Product Management (APM) no si May 7/May 99-18h1500€IncluídoContact us
Agile HR Explorer (AHRE) no si Jun 17/Jun 1815-19h795€IncluidoContact us


In-personRemoteDateTime (CET)CourseExam
ACP-100 Jira Administration for Data Center and Server si si Jun 3/Jun 79-14h900€350€Contact us
ACP-120 Jira Administration for Cloud si si Jun 10/Jun 149-14h1150€350€Contact us
Advanced eazyBI for Jira Cloud no si Jun 3/Jun 610-13h700€-Contact us
Atlassian Apps Developement no si May 20/May 2415-20h1400€-Contact us


In-personRemoteDateTime (CET)CourseExamManual
DevOps Foundation® - DOI si si May 20/May 2315-19h775€215€160€Contact us

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Project Management Institute (PMI)

In-personRemoteDateTime (CET)CourseExam
Curso Oficial de Preparación a la certificación PMP® si si Jun 24/Jun 289:30-17:30h950€595€Contact us

PM² Alliance

In-personRemoteDateTime (CET)CourseExam
PM2 Essentials no si Oct 14/Oct 179-14h750€200€Contact us


In-personRemoteDateTime (CET)CourseExamOfficial book
PRINCE2® 7 Foundation si si Jul 1/Jul 59-14h650€265€160€Contact us
PRINCE2® 7 Practitioner no si May 20/May 239-13h875€345€165€Contact us

Security Management

In-personRemoteDateTime (CET)CourseExam
ISO 27001 – Lead Implementer si si Jun 17/Jun 209-18h950€450€Contact us
Certified Information System Auditor (CISA) no si May 27/May 3115-19h700€1100€Contact us
Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) no si May 27/May 3115-19h700€1100€Contact us
ISO/IEC 20000 - Foundation si si May 20/May 239-13h475€200€Contact us
ISO/IEC 20000 - Lead Implementer si si Jun 10/Jun 139-18h950€450€Contact us

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In-personRemoteDateTime (CET)Course
Team Kanban Practitioner (TKP) no si Apr 29/Apr 3015-19h400€ *Contact us
Kanban System Design (KSD) no si Jun 3/Jun 69-13h800€ *Contact us
Kanban Systems Improvement (KSI) no si May 21/May 2410-14h800€ *Contact us
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* La superación del curso incluye la certificación


In-personRemoteDateTime (CET)CourseExam
Scrum Master no si Jul 8/Jul 1115-19h850€225€Contact us
Scrum Product Owner no si Jun 10/Jun 1315-19h850€225€Contact us

COBIT® Certification

In-personRemoteDateTime (CET)CourseExam
COBIT 2019 - Foundation si si May 27/May 3015-19h875€220€Contact us

Software Asset Management (SAM)

In-personRemoteDateTime (CET)CourseExam
CSAM (IAITAM) – Certified Software Asset Manager si si Apr 22/Apr 2515:30-19:30h900€600€Contact us
CSAM Workshop si si Apr 2615:30-19:30h250€-Contact us

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Lean IT

In-personRemoteDateTime (CET)CourseExam
Lean IT Foundation no si Apr 22/Apr 2515-19h995€255€Contact us

Microsoft Modern Desktop

In-personRemoteDateTime (CET)CourseExam
MD-102 - Microsoft 365 Endpoint Administrator no si May 20/May 249-14h795€195€Contact us

Microsoft Azure

In-personRemoteDateTime (CET)CourseExam
AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator si si Jun 17/Jun 219-14h795€195€Contact us

Our training is VAT exempt (Article 20.9 LIVA). Other products or services may be subject to VAT.