For Jira

The first solution
in Jira designed
for recruiters


The solution every recruiter needed

Put candidates at the centre of the process

A single accessible portal to apply for new positions for your team.

An automated process that screens candidates for you.

A tracking dashboard to analyze what happens with each process and how you can improve hiring.

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The selection process will be
easier than ever

01 Automatic pre-selection of candidates

02 Standardized and guided process

03 Automated tasks for the recruiting team

A single form for the application for new positions: accessible and very user-friendly

With the most relevant information for a correct pre-selection of candidates and to activate the necessary tasks for each process.

Prioritized and accessible queues

The team will never have doubts about the next steps to be taken. Automatic prioritization and organization of tasks in their corresponding queue.

Simple processes and automation

Bring efficiency and control to the selection process and to the daily management of the team.

Control panels

They allow to track all open selection processes, their status, possible risks… as well as control panels for the team staff with the specific tasks they have to carry out.

A database of candidates that allows us to create community

With all the information about the people we want to work with, linked directly to the tasks where the team will be able to follow up and always work on a source of truth.

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