Project Planner For Jira

The solution that allows you
to implement a complete
project management on
Jira. And effortlessly.


Project Planner for your project management

Your best ally to quickly implement project management with a structure that allows you to grow with control.

A template that includes all the fundamental elements for project management: phases, deliverables, milestones, tasks, risk management, scope changes…

A Gantt that allows you to see the real status of the project, the dependencies between tasks, the critical path…

Two tracking panels that show, in a very visual way, both the overall status of a project and a global view of Portfolio.

Keep your project under control

No matter the number of projects to manage, the most important thing is to have a structure that allows you to grow with control and to have an overview of all of them.

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Are you familiar with any of these situations?

01 You are constantly wondering when your project should start in order to meet the planned deadlines. 

02 You would like to be clear about each of the landmarks of a project but do not know how to identify them. 

03 You are aware of the dependencies that exist, but you do not see a clear way to make them clear to others. 

If you answer YES
to one of these questions,
Project Planner is for you!


Everything starts with a new project. It indicates the estimated cost, approved, how many hours it will take, who has requested it… No more, no less, just the information that is really important to track the project.


Divide your project into as many phases as you need, but remember to include in each phase the different tasks to be performed and the key landmarks to be achieved.


Don’t forget to manage risks, problems or scope changes. All of these will determine the success of your project.


Work with a preconfigured Gantt with the most useful views for project management: planning, resource allocation, dependencies between tasks, quick filters…


Dashboards prepared to visually see the progress and summary of the project or an overview of the entire Portfolio.

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