Success story

EnData Training Program: Data Modeling Courses


Design a training plan to transform Endesa into a data-driven company.

Our solution

A specially designed training program for Endesa employees and its subsidiaries, with a 2-year contract, renewable for a third year.

This program is structured into three levels of knowledge: basic, intermediate and advanced, and divided into four phases for each training group:

Phase 1 – Preliminary Courses: We create an online (asynchronous) training plan for each subject and level to be completed within 3 months. Each participant can take as many courses as they wish.

Phase 2 – Tutorials: A real-time tutorial session for each core subject where students can ask questions about what they have learned in the pre-courses.

Phase 3 – Evaluations: We develop a system to evaluate each student’s learning, which allows us to form groups for the next phase of internships.

Phase 4 – Practical Course: Each subject includes a 9-hour synchronous course, supported by an expert, with practical and real examples relevant to Endesa.

Keys to success


Constant and fluid communication: Pre-meetings between the Endesa team and our professionals in order to prepare the necessary training programs for the employees, incorporating practical and real examples for future work tasks.

Versatility, adaptability, rapid response: The first project started during the pandemic and was originally planned to be face-to-face in different Spanish cities. However, we were able to switch to a remote format and complete all phases virtually without compromising quality and without delaying the training activities, resulting in cost savings for both Endesa and TecnoFor in terms of travel, food and lodging for both students and instructors.

During the execution of the project and due to the quality of the service provided, Endesa proposed to replicate this project for 2 new core subjects (Data Management and Python), each divided into three levels (basic, intermediate and advanced). We took up the challenge and replicated the project.

We extended the contract for another year and were awarded the contract again in 2023. We are currently working with the 5th cohort and planning a sixth.

«The goal of the program is to ensure the technical competence of our employees by covering the specific needs of the business, which will lead Endesa to become a data-driven company. Thanks to the collaboration with TecnoFor and their extensive experience in the training sector, we have been achieving this goal since 2021 and are currently in the fifth cohort of this program.»

– Iván Gil Buenadicha. HR Training Manager / Expert


With this training plan, Endesa is taking another step towards becoming a Data Driven company, fostering a strong data culture and training its employees to make better strategic decisions based on data analysis and interpretation to better serve its customers.

All participants who completed the training received a Data Science certification.

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