New version for Jira Datacenter of 'Description & Comment Templates'

From now on you can have our App for Jira ‘Description & Comment Templates’ in its Data Center version.

The functionalities are the same as the Jira Cloud version. With this app you will improve your personal productivity and that of your team to the highest level.

Best of all, you won’t need a Jira Admin to create or modify your project templates!

Do you want to know how to use it?

It’s easy. Just create a ticket in your project with the abstract ‘TEMPLATE:IssueTypeName’. For example: ‘Template:Bug’ and the system will use the ticket description for the next bugs created.

You can also define a ‘TEMPLATE:DEFAULT’ summary to apply to all other IssueTypes’. It’s a very easy to use plug’n’play.

We show it in the images below:

Description Templates
Description Templates

Want to know more?


Soon we will have ready a new version that includes up to 4 custom templates for ticket comments and independent for each user.

Save 4 predefined comment templates and use them whenever you need them.

Download the App here.

Now with the same features as the Jira Cloud version!

Raúl Peláez January 23th, 2023