Now you can add Explicit Policies to the columns of your Kanban board in Jira

Breaking news! We have released a new version of the Kanban Combined WIP for Jira Cloud plugin, version 8.5.0 which will automatically update across all browsers.

We have put a lot of effort into adding two new mega-features that you will surely like:

  • You can add, in rich text, explicit policies by column that will also be shared with the users of the Kanban board.
  • The visibility of the board configuration menus has been improved and updating takes less time.
  • You can now also add a board background image shared with all Kanban board users.

We are also currently working on bringing all these new features to the version of Kanban Combined WIP for Jira Server/Datacenter, which we will surely launch in February.

Here’s how to get the most out of it.

Explicit Policies by column

In the board, click in ‘Explicit Policies’. You can store information about the restrictions of the column and share the information with the users of the board. The information can be in rich text and is compliant with Atlassian standards (that means you can use tables, icons, etc).

Kanban board in Jira

Team-Board Image (background picture)

Click in the board → ‘Board Settings‘ and go to the options of ‘Kanban WIP Configuration‘ in the ‘General’ section.  Select a background or a URL and the image selected will be applied to all users of the board. 

Kanban board in Jira 3
Kanban board in Jira 4

Personal Image (background picture)

Click in ‘Background‘ check to change and activate the personal background picture in the board, just select one from the pop-up.

Kanban board in Jira 5

Or click in the link option to add a custom URL image from the internet.

Kanban board in Jira

In addition, Kanban Combined WIP for Jira Cloud now has a new way to hide the extra columns and focus on what really matters.

Its use is very simple. Almost identical to the Jira Server/Datacenter version.

There is also a new Expand/Collapse columns mode.  We can now expand/collapse in the toolbar to remove non-used columns.

Kanban board in Jira

To remove no-used columns click in ‘x‘ button (don’t worry, because if you click in collapse/expand aganin, the columns will reappear).

Raúl Peláez January 4th, 2023