Process Mining: Do you really know how your workflows operate in Jira?

During the TecnoFor ESM Day, Pablo Grueso, CEO of TecnoFor, gave everyone an exclusive look at a new Jira add-on – a brand new product created in collaboration with Inverbis which allows you to instantly connect your Jira environment to Inverbis’s Process Mining solution. This add-on allows you to analyze your processes’ real data in just a few short minutes. It collects any necessary information, structures it, and prepares it for its correct visualization without having to download and manually clean any CSV files.

As of today, any company that uses Jira Cloud or On Premise will be able to automatically connect to Inverbis and start using Process Mining in a matter of minutes.

Advantages of Process Mining:

Analyze your organization’s processes completely and accurately, based on already existing data.
Automatically and visually identify bottlenecks, deviations, and loops in your processes.
Improve the efficiency of your operation, customer experience, and reduce compliance risks.

With process mining, business leads are able to verify that the ideal process path is followed. In other words, based on real data, they can verify that the expected deadlines are not always met, that communication between support teams and employees fails when providing additional information to resolve incidents, that sometimes loops which can slow down the resolution of tickets in Jira are generated, or they are able identify that there is a support group that usually closes incidents when the end of the SLA is approaching… In sum, up to an infinite universe of possible improvements in your processes.

Gonzalo Martín, CEO of InVerbis Analytics, along with John Wallace, director of Business Development, demonstrated in full detail how this new add-on works at the TecnoFor ESM Day. They loaded the data from a Jira environment and processed the information – all in real time – and showed how, for example, a group of employees did not carry out the designed workflow but actually followed an alternative process path that improved that ‘happy flow’. Attendees were also able to see its advantages, detect errors, repetitions, deviations, or non-compliance with deadlines.

If you’d like to know more about this new Jira add-on for Process Mining, click here.

Susana Arias June 30th, 2022