Empowering Project Leaders: Optimize Prioritization with “Priority Matrix for Jira” in Jira Cloud


Priority Matrix for Jira” is an app designed for Jira Cloud that aims to enhance the user experience and simplify the process of managing priorities within projects. The app empowers project leaders or managers by providing them with the ability to create or modify a priority matrix in a user-friendly manner through project configuration. It achieves this by introducing two separate fields: “Urgency” and “Impact.”

Priority Matrix for Jira” offers two critical advantages: it ensures consistency in task prioritization, removing the variability caused by individual preferences, and it allows for swift changes in prioritization criteria without the need for time-consuming training sessions. In summary through two key aspects

  • Consistency: One of the essential benefits of using this tool is that it helps establish consistency in prioritizing work items. Prioritizing tasks is crucial, and without this tool, you would rely on the individual judgment of each team member or even worse, on the preferences of different users. We have all experienced how chaotic and urgent situations can get, just like in hospitals. With the Priority Matrix App, you can rely on an objective prioritization system based on two specific questions. This approach removes the possibility of errors from individuals, ensuring that tasks are prioritized in a more standardized and fair manner.
  • Speed of Change: Traditional approaches to changing prioritization criteria are often time-consuming and resource-intensive. Typically, companies would need to conduct numerous training sessions for their team members to adapt to the new criteria, which could take weeks or even months. However, with the Priority Matrix for Jira, the process is much more efficient. Whenever the service manager or the team leader decides to modify the priority matrix or the two questions used by the agents, the change takes effect immediately. Team members only need to respond to the updated questions, and the system will automatically prioritize tasks according to the new policy.

Here are the key characteristics and functionalities of the app:

  1. Urgency and Impact Fields: The app introduces two fields named “Urgency” and “Impact” to capture relevant information about the tickets (issues) within a Jira project. These fields are used to quantify the urgency and impact of each issue.
  2. Ticket Creation: The “Urgency” field is available during the ticket creation process and is filled in by the requester. This allows the person creating the ticket to specify the level of urgency associated with the issue (Coming soon in the Customer Portal).
  3. Ticket Edition: The “Impact” field is available during ticket editing and is filled in by the agent handling the issue. This allows the agent to assess and input the impact of the issue on the project or system.
  4. Flexibility in Field Availability: Depending on the project’s needs and configuration, either “Urgency” or “Impact” can be available during ticket creation, or both fields can be available. The app offers the flexibility to enable any combination of field availability to suit the project’s requirements.
  5. Automatic Priority Calculation: The priority of each ticket is calculated automatically based on the values entered in the “Urgency” and “Impact” fields. This automated calculation ensures that the priority is not left to the user’s discretion, which can lead to inconsistent or subjective prioritization.
  6. Real-Time Updates: Whenever there is a change in the “Urgency” or “Impact” fields of a ticket, the priority is recalculated automatically. This ensures that the priority matrix is always up-to-date and accurately reflects the current state of the project.

Overall, “Priority Matrix for Jira” provides project leaders and managers with a powerful tool to effectively manage priorities in their projects.

Priority Matrix for Jira link: https://marketplace.atlassian.com/apps/1230172/priority-matrix-for-jira-cloud?hosting=cloud&tab=overview

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Raúl Peláez Director of Solutions - July 28, 2023 / Share it: