Change the Layout of the IssueView of Jira Datacenter with Support Admin Tools App!

With the new version of Support Admin Tools App for Jira Datacenter there is a new additional functionality in the global configuration, which allows to expand textfield multiline fields and is also compatible with Grid type fields (Included with the Table Grid addon). The Jira Admin can select and configure the fields in this section.

To configure go to the Global Configuration page section of the “Manage Apps” Admin config and select the fields and click in “Save” button

Now take a look at some Issues of the system to see if all works, basically you will see the field expanded in the IssueView Layout.

Now you can click in “>>” button in top-right part of the screen and collapse the right-panel of the IssueView. Click again in “<<” to expand the right-panel in the IssueView

To disable this new feature, go to the Manage Apps section and select the Support Admin Tools App and expand its modules.

Disable the modules: “entrypoint-issueViewRightSidebarCollapsible” and “Issue View Collapsible Button

Raúl Peláez March 21th 2023