For Jira

The first solution
designed for
HR teams

The solution for HR managers.

Put employees at the centre of the process

A single employee support portal that is simple, convenient, and accessible from anywhere.

Automatic task prioritisation so the team can focus on what really matters.

Forget about recurring and bureaucratic task—Jira will remember them for you.

From anywhere

Organised and prioritised queues, real-time dashboards, and tracking panels.

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A portal open 24h

01 Always available for employees

02 Open to the entire HR team so you can manage the team and its tasks

03 Simplified and automated processes so that everything is under control

A single, accessible, and easy-to-use portal

Intended for employees, it is accessible from any device, centralising all requests from a single input channel.

Convenient tracking of all requests

Keep track of the requests made from each employee’s profile by updating, adding, and modifying information at any time.

Accessible and organised filters

Allows HR staff to have everything under control. Automatic task prioritisation so the team can focus on what really matters.

Simple processes and automatisms

They provide efficiency and control for the daily management of the team.

Control panels

They allow monitoring of the current state of the department, what the team is working on, and knowing all the necessary metrics and reports to evaluate the quality of the service.

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