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01 Give meaning to the relationship with your users

  • Design based on our experience with predefined ticket typologies
  • Receive standardised and prioritised tickets automatically
  • Keep your users informed of the status of their tickets automatically and effortlessly
  • Automatically create tickets from an email

02 Organise and make your workflow efficient

  • Predefined workflows and SLAs based on our experience
  • Management of massive tickets and automatic closing by intervals
  • Pre-designed model for assigning approvers and allowing traceability of requests
  • Ticket escalation and relationship between pre-built support groups
  • Notifications by mail and a standardised model for the relationship with the user

03 Your service management under control at a glance

  • Predefined metrics and KPIs based on our experience
  • Dashboards pre-designed according to each profile’s need for information
  • Real-time updates of the visual representation of the data
An accessible and easy portal for your clients

Find everything you need with just a click.

A useful layout for the agents

Find all the information you need to solve a ticket in a single place.

Organised and prioritised queues

All active tickets organised and prioritised to facilitate the team’s work.

Tracking panels updated in real-time

All the information you need accessible to everyone and 100 % up to date.

Tracking panels updated in real-time

All the information you need, accessible to everyone and 100 % up to date.

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