TecnoFor acquires MrAddon,
an Atlassian App vendor


Published on September 6th, 2022


Let me to be a bit formal, just for a moment: TecnoFor, a technology consultancy specializing in process automation, has agreed to acquire MrAddon, an Atlassian App vendor, whose business will be integrated into the group the 1st of October 2022.

MrAddon is recognized for develop products such as Kanban Combined WIP for Jira, New Status Colors PRO for Jira and Description Templates for Jira Cloud, with thousands of active implementations in companies worldwide, including NASA, Samsung, Hermès and Deutsche Telekom.

MrAddon´s capabilities will help TecnoFor accelerate its expansion into Catalonia, one of the key markets in our strategic plan. They will also form the basis of a fourth Business Unit with global reach, TecnoFor Solutions, focused on the development of Atlassian Apps.

Both companies have decided to keep the terms of the transaction confidential, although it has followed the usual channels for approvals, and the payment will be executed in a combination of cash and stock.

Now back to our signature style: Why is TecnoFor acquiring MrAddon?

Really, it all happened pretty naturally. Although we have been growing organically for several years at around 30% annually, we ´ve also been exploring inorganic growth options for some time. But something different happened here.

This year TecnoFor has launched this year Kanban For Jira, a solution that allows you to really follow the Kanban method using Jira. To do this we went to third party Apps, several of which were provided by MrAddon. The relationship established with Raúl Peláez, founder of MrAddon, was positive and productive, and the opportunity to join our forces came quite naturally.

This union makes perfect sense, especially for the customers of both companies: MrAddon will count on TecnoFor´s financial and commercial support in its efforts to continue to develop its products and take them further than ever.

In the other hand, TecnoFor will rely on the MrAddon´s presence in Catalonia to establish our first office in Barcelona, accelerating our expansion plans. In addition, we will create TecnoFor Solutions, a new business unit focused exclusively in developing Atlassian Apps with a global perspective, but not from scratch: MrAddon already has 16 products and more than 300 customers worldwide to boost our plans.

This is our first corporate transaction, but at TecnoFor we are aware that the sector is undergoing a strong consolidation, and we want to be at the center of this movement. We’re also keeping a close eye on additional opportunities to reinforce our strategy.

About TecnoFor

TecnoFor is a technology-based consulting firm focused on process automation, founded in 2004 and headquartered in Madrid, with offices in Barcelona and Montevideo. It stands out for being one of the leading Atlassian Platinum Partners in Europe, awarded as Atlassian Partner or the Year 2018 – Rising Star EMEA, and its extensive experience as ITSM and ESM consultants. TecnoFor is also a recognized partner of Scaled Agile, whose Transformation team has notable expertise in the adoption of SAFe in large organizations.