For Jira

Configure your tool for the launch of an ART within a maximum of two weeks


Don’t let the tool stops you

Save time using your current Jira´s instance

You pursue the business agility to achieve your aims. You already know that SAFe can help you and you go for it. And you know that you will need some time for the changes to drive you, so….

Don’t waste time and energy with your management tool!

Whether you already have Jira licenses or not, SAFe for Jira will allow you to have the technological basis to manage the launch of an ART in a maximum period of two weeks.

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Useful for in-person, hybrid or remote events

  • Track in ART Sync with real-time information
  • Avoid reporting
  • Visibilize risks and dependencies for immediate decision-making
  • Manage effortlessly relationships between epics, features, stories, tasks and non-functional requirements
  • Manage your backlog and prioritization with WSJF
  • Manage your objectives for PI and associated business value
  • Have a document repository for static business information, product context, System Demos, Inspect and Adapt, or retrospectives.
  • Perform any integration that you need with other tools

Útil en eventos presenciales, híbridos o remotos

  • Haz seguimiento en el ART Sync con información en tiempo real
  • Evita reporting
  • Visibiliza riesgos y dependencias para la toma de decisiones inmediata
  • Gestiona sin esfuerzo relaciones entre épicas, features, historias, tareas y requerimientos no funcionales
  • Gestiona tu backlog y tu priorización con WSJF
  • Gestiona tus objetivos para el PI y su valor de negocio asociado
  • Dispón de un repositorio documental para información estática de negocio, contexto del producto, System Demos, Inspect and Adapt o retrospectivas
  • Realiza cualquier integración que necesites con otras herramientas

Helps in all phases of the cycle

The work with SAFe revolves around PI Planning, which is the most famous event. It is the “heartbeat” under which the entire cadence and synchronization of the teams is orchestrated. But SAFe For Jira also helps before and after PI Planning.

01 Preparation for PI Planning

02 PI Planning

03 Execution in ART and in the equipments

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